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Shoreline, WA


 We believe every moment in life should be celebrated. Founded in 2009 as a creative outlet; Delicately Sweet Confections was born with the intentions to provide sweets that would make an everlasting impression. Initially our desserts started selling at local Farmer’s Markets around the Seattle area, but we’ve since grown expanding our reach through Weddings, Birthday celebrations, and other quaint establishments that match our vision. 

Cookie Sammies

Other delectable desserts we make

Cupcakes are a staple to celebrating any large event. They are personal, unique, and insatiably delicious. We love concocting new and exciting flavors. Seasonal flavors may be introduced, but if you have a specific flavor in mind, please send us an email.

Gluten Free available upon request.

Cookie Sammies


Cookie Sammies


Flavors: Chocolate Brownie Raspberry, Confetti, Chocolate Chip

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